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Sacrifice: A Celtic Adventure

Sacrifice: A Celtic Adventure - Philip Freeman

Let me start off by saying that I liked this, I really did. So if I liked it, then why didn't I give it five stars?

What kept me from giving this five stars was Deirdre, and the writing, in that order.

Deirdre, while a great narrator and a likeable protagonist, was kind of bland to be honest. I didn't get much of a personality from her to be honest with you, there was nothing about her character that really stood out. She was just kind of there, telling the story but that was about it. I didn't connect to her in any way.

And my main problem with the writing was the pattern. It went from three pages of dialogue to three pages of info dump. That was pretty much how the story was told. There was nothing about the characters were doing while they were talking, no facial expressions, all I pictured was just two people sitting and talking for an extended period of time without fidgeting or doing anything.

The thing with info dumps is that it gives you too much to remember all at once so you end up forgetting all of it, it's what I've seen a lot of people do when they first start writing fanfiction. It wasn't that the information was boring but I would've remembered more about the characters and every person that died if all the information concerning those characters wasn't dumped on me all at once. I remembered absolutely nothing about anyone besides their names.

My favourite character, personally was Sister Anna, she was such a strong character, she didn't bullshit from anyone, she had built a life for herself, and she's not ashamed of her past. I would've loved to have read more about her, I wished she'd played a bigger role throughout the story.

I liked the details about druids and druid teachings though, I found them very interesting, and this is the first story I've ever read involving druids to be honest. I liked how the story paid attention to how hard it was to balance both druids and Christians at the same time and the tension that the two groups faced.

The story does deal with some sensitive topics such as rape so if you can't handle that then I wouldn't suggest reading it, but I appreciated the fact that it didn't romanticise the topic. But all in all, it was a pretty solid story.

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