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The Bar Code Tattoo by Suzanne Weyn

The Bar Code Tattoo - Suzanne Weyn

So, originally, when I first heard about this book a while ago, I got really excited because it sounded interesting and the cover looked awesome. I was excited to read it, I never got to it until this year.


To put it simply, it was a let down.


Don't get me wrong. the idea of it was great, it was interesting but the way that it was written . . . wasn't.


I felt like everything was going by really fast. I didn't get to connect with the characters or know them at all, I don't know anything about these characters besides their names and their appearances. 


The relationships came out of nowhere, I was actually confused when these random relationships started coming up because I had no idea where they all of a sudden sprouted from! 


what even


g will


I was, and I still am, genuinely confused as to where these random relationships came from! We know absolutely nothing about Zekeal, and Kayla is already professing her love for him. Before you know it, a chapter later, he's already broken her heart. This reminds me a lot of this girl in my gym class who had her heart broken by her two day boyfriend.


Both of these situations have something in common: they're ridiculous.


And then it turns out that Zekeal is a double agent. That moment should've had more impact because, after all, someone that you thought was a friend to Decode turns out that he's not and that's usually a big thing. The only thing standing in the way of this big shocker is the fact that I know nothing about Zekeal, his relationship with Kayla, his family life (I'm assuming that everything he told Kayla was a lie) and why he is even relevant at this point.


Then there was the random relationship between Mfumbe (for the love of God, how do you pronounce his fricking name?) and Kayla that was even more random than the one between her Zekeal. I didn't think that was even possible. You can't even call it romance because there is absolutely nothing romantic going on.




There was no development, there was no history, these characters literally know nothing about each other and they are still saying that they love each other. Hell, even I don't know anything about Kayla and I was looking at things from her point of view!




You would think that a story like this would be quite long and well thought out but instead, it's simply a bunch of quick scenes put together with no transition in between them. Characters that don't even know each other, are two dimensional because, and some that I found were irrelevant to the story (*coughAmber*) (that was the name of Kayla's best friend, right?)


Then there was this little bomb dropped on us, Kayla is psychic. Something that I'd already figured out at the very beginning of the story. I didn't think much of it because stuff like this happens to characters in books (and maybe real people as well) so to find out that Kayla's ability to see the future was her superpower, or whatever you want to call it, and that other people could do similar things was a bit of a surprise.


Just a bit, at the point in the story I didn't even care about what happened to anyone in it or what else I was told.


But it bothered me, you'd think something like this would be something that would be talked about before hand but it's not, it just mentions how she has visions and how Global-! is making clones among other things.


So basically, it wasn't the worst thing out there but it was far from the best. The story would've been a lot better if Ms Suzanne Weyn had slowed down the romance and the action and just about everything else going on in that book.

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