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Twilight (The Twilight Saga, Book 1)

Twilight - Stephenie Meyer, Stephenie Meyer

I think this was probably the worst piece of writing that I have ever had the mispleasure of reading. 

Let's start with Bella why don't we. In the beginning of the book, we're told that she looks like her mother but we don't actually know what her mother looks like. Then we're told that she's a plain person but for some strange reason, there's boys falling over themselves to go out with her.

Bella is supposed to be portrayed as a strong female figure but really, she's just a pathetic pushover that has no dreams, no ambitions, no passion for anything. Her life goal is to become the wife of Senor Cullen and that's it.

Bella is a feminist's worst nightmare.

Edward is one of the creepiest people on this planet but Bella is an idiot because she can't see that. When someone sneaks into your room and watches you sleep, it is not cute, it is not romantic. It is creepy as hell and you need to call the police.

Moving on.

One of the most annoying things about this book is that we continuously see Edward saying "I'm dangerous, stay away from me," yet he doesn't actually do anything dangerous to make the reader believe that. All he does is stand there and say "I'm dangerous."

And next to me not believing that he's dangerous, he tells Bella to stay away from him but the bastard FUCKING FOLLOWS HER everywhere. 

"Stay away from me but I'll be following you to Port Angeles."

"Stay away from me but I'll sneak into your room at night and watch you sleep because that's totally safe."

Really, Edward, really? 

I don't understand why the Cullens have to go hunting, I don't understand why the "kids" have to go to school. If Carlisle is a doctor then why doesn't he just take blood from the hospital and bring it home instead of hunting animals? Why are these "teenagers" still going to highschool instead of actually contributing to humanity.

Alice is a stupid character because the girl can't actually see the future. She sees possible outcomes of the future but she doesn't see the ACTUAL future. If you see the future but it changes depending on what a person does then you are not seeing the future, you are seeing a possible outcome because of that person's choice.

I don't need to know about Edward's stupid eyes. I don't care about his stupid eyes, at some point in the story, you just want to stab out Edward's eyes and feed them to an animal because the description of them is so goddamn annoying.

Edward's eyes and his "godlike perfection" are on every single page. I shit you not, they are on basically every single page. You're being beat over the head with the fact that Edward is attractive and you need to believe it.

Another thing is that apparently all women in Meyerland don't have actual brains. Instead of using her wit and intellect (something that Bella doesn't actually have but she should've tried at anyway) to get the story about "the Cold Ones" out of Jacob, she uses her feminine wiles. 

I'm not joking. Instead of getting Jacob to spill the story, she flirts with him to make him tell her the story.

Bella's a real bitch to her friends too. Her friends start asking her questions about Edward and Bella gets all annoyed at them and calls them nosy. 

If I went to a school and the hot guy there paid no attention to girls and all of a sudden he starts paying a lot of attention to the new girl, I'd be asking questions. I'd be pretty curious as to what the hell is happening.

There is a lot of stuff that's wrong about this book and I could go on and on and on about it but I'd run out of time and characters.

Someone pray for the all of the thesauruses that Stephenie Meyer has assaulted and for the many more that she has assaulted when writing the rest of this trilogy.

Bella is an empty shell of a character, Edward is the creepiest non-human thing to ever exist and this story contradicts itself a whole lot.

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