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I like to use gifs a lot because they represent my feelings towards books a lot. I've read through a lot of reviews and as a result, I view books a little bit differently than how I used to. 


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The Lies That Bind (Liar Society)

The Lies That Bind - Lisa Roecker, Laura Roecker

The ending to this book made me want to punch something. Not only because the Sisterhood is this power-hungry but mostly because Kate won't take Liam back. I admit he was being a bit of an ass at the end when he was talking to her but I could understand (this was around the middle of the book) where he was coming from when he said he wouldn't stick around to watch Kate get hurt.

And then in the end, again, he was a giant ass for assuming that Kate was going to apologize but I thought her yelling, giving him a slap to the face and a good kick to the shins would've done the job. She didn't have to be all "no, we can't be together, I need space."

And while we're at it, space my foot. She's surrounding herself with all this society stuff, Kate is practically yelling to get suffocated. 

And then the Ms. D turning into bitch principle, I was like "what the hell! I get why she may want to kick everyone in the brotherhoods out of school but guys no aren't involved, now that's just harsh!" Seth is probably one of my favourite people in this entire thing, just his nerdiness makes him adorable.

I never thought I'd say this about a character who's charming and handsome but I seriously want to murder Bradley Farrow. I don't know why but I just despise him. And I cannot believe that after that entire book, everything was just a set-up like are you kidding me! I nearly shat myself only to find out that everything was a set-up.

I almost rage quit right there and then. And I was near the end too.


rage quit



And what's with Kate getting all angry at Liam because he doesn't understand what it's like to lose someone. Um, okay Kate, do you want someone very close to him to die so that he can feel your pain because there isn't another way for him to understand you. You can't really blame the guy for tryin to make Kate feel better.

Gold star for Liam for trying!

Taylor Wright should decide to become an actress because if she was acting throughout the entire book then she must be really good. This chick deserves an Oscar for being so damn convincing.

I love this series but at the same time, it just makes me want to hit something. I guess that's how you can tell the mark of a good story.

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