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The Maze Runner (Maze Runner Series #1)

The Maze Runner - James Dashner

Two hundred and ten pages of this book is what I managed to read before I completely gave up and lose the will to keep going. In the entire two hundred and ten pages that I read, there was only one scene that was even mildly interesting but even that part was boring to some extent.

I can safely say that my reaction throughout what I managed to read of this book was this:






There was nothing interesting, there was nothing that shocked me or made my jaw drop open in shock. In fact, I wasn't even excited or nervous about the fact that all these teenage boys were stuck in a maze they couldn't escape.

The story was boring, the characters were boring and Thomas is just the most annoying little shit in this entire book. He keeps asking these questions and I get that he's curious but when people say that you don't want to know the answer, then you probably don't want to know the answer.

Plus, Thomas kept whining and whining and WHINING. Holy shit it was annoying, plus, he's horrible to Chuck! You're supposed to like and sympathize with the main character of a story aren't you? I didn't feel any of that, I felt irritated with Thomas for being so goddamn annoying and not being able to follow orders. I felt so angry at him for treating Chuck like he was stupid and inferior to him when Chuck was the only guy who was even mildly nice to Thomas and answered more of his questions than anyone else.

You'd think Thomas would be a little bit grateful for even SOME answers but no, instead he's whining about he's not getting a PROPER answer.

In fact, whenever Thomas asked questions or got angry that someone wasn't answering his questions (and this was more frequent than I would've liked), I just started doing this while reading the book:





I feel so glad to have given up on this book because I felt like stabbing my eyes out not ten minutes ago while reading the Maze Runner. I may come back to this book though and my opinion may be different. I think I maybe just wasn't in the mood for reading any book and the Maze Runner was the victim of my harsh judgement.

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