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I read a lot, like most people that must be on this site, and much by accident, this blog came to life and now here I am, creating this blog. I'm also on a bunch of other sites as well so you can find me on them by clicking the links.


I like to use gifs a lot because they represent my feelings towards books a lot. I've read through a lot of reviews and as a result, I view books a little bit differently than how I used to. 


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Mockingjay - Collins Suzanne

I'll keep this short.

By the end of this book, I absolutely despised Katniss. She just went through an entire rebellion, lost friends and allies and yet she still votes yes for the Capitol children to be put into one last Hunger Games.

She just went through an entire goddamn war to stop the Hunger Games and to give everyone a better life just to have Capitol children who no nothing about survival or fighting put into one last Hunger Game just to avenge her sister.

Don't tell me it was because she was sad over Prim. She can grieve all she wants, I'm fine with that. Peeta lost his entire fucking family but he still voted no for the last Games because as he pointed out, the entire rebellion was to stop that.

But I do admit that I did pity Katniss in the last chapter. I felt horribly sad for her and that kind of makes me hate her less for what she almost did to those Capitol kids.

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