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Dumping Princes

Dumping Princes - Tyne O'Connell

Alright, so I may have ranted about this when I wrote the post for Chapter 24 but it was all true.


The beginning of the book was okay, it wasn't the best thing out there but it wasn't downright horrible either. My main problem was Calypso and the fact that she has the maturity of a five-year-old.


I mean, honestly. At first it was kind of amusing but pretty soon it was just downright annoying and I was just hoping that Calypso would mature just a little bit. Sure, Calypso was acting like some teenage girls do and being all in love with Freddie.


The fact that she obsessed over Freddie was one of the annoying things though. I know that there are people out in the world like this but Calypso still annoyed me.


And another thing, the title of the book had absolutely nothing to do with the plot of the story. It had barely anything thing to do with the story and the summary was totally misleading. I thought I was in for some scheming and shenanigans but that's not what I got, not really.


There was basically around three pages devoted to the whole Counter Dumping part of the book and even that didn't go right.




The plan should've gone something like




But instead, the counter dumping went something along the lines of,




But anyway, moving on. The good parts of the book were near the end which is sad for me to say but true. Calypso finally got her shit together and actually won some of her fencing bouts and she realized that her dad might've been right when he said that she was a bit too much sometimes.


I could definitely relate to what her dad was talking about. Sometimes Calypso was just too much to handle, and not in a good way.


I also liked that she realized that Malcolm wasn't the one for her no matter how great he was and that she realized that Fred maybe wasn't the best person out there but that she liked him regardless of it.


I'm mostly impressed with Calypso's friends though, besides Honey, they were pretty okay girls. They at least had their heads on right, I can understand why they all dumped their boyfriends, I just never got the impression that the boys were actually doing anything to hinder their learning or lower their grades.


And the tres that were all over the book along with words in other languages was kind of annoying as well.

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