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The House of Hades

The House of Hades - Rick Riordan

I'm going to tell you right now that you probably might not want to read this review since it's going to be completely biased. I love Percy Jackson and everything connected with it so I just expect any book to do with the series or the characters to be brilliant.

And it was.

But hot damn, there was a lot of stuff happening. I would remember it more clearly if I had the book with me but I lent it to a friend so I'm going off of memory so I'll probably forget lots of things.

The biggest thing though, was definitely Nico and finding out he was gay. I'll be honest with you, I seriously did not see that coming and it was a total surprise but man was that one awesome plot twist. At first, I was like





But then I was like





I finally realised why Nico was being such a little shit for most of the book. I thought he'd just entered the angsty teenage years or something but there was an actual reason behind it. And I loved seeing what Nico must've seen even if it was shown through Jason's eyes.

And I can definitely see how Nico would've developed a crush on Percy (hell, everyone's got a crush on Percy except Piper).

I'm hoping that Rick doesn't take back the whole Nico being gay part in the Blood of Olympus, it would disappoint me and a lot of reader's. I want to learn even more about Nico now and what must go through his mind.

Frank has turned hot. Don't get me wrong, he's a really nice guy who's not exactly confident but I'd always pictured him as 





And then he wasn't that teddy bear all that much after. I was imaging a more Percy-like version of him (if you've seen viria's drawings of Percy on tumblr, you get what I'm talking about).

I love how Frank is just becoming more and more confident as the series goes on, he's a lot braver and more confident and less the shy, awkward kid.

Hazel as well, this girl just keeps getting more awesome! When it was mentioned that she could do magic, I was a little bit skeptical because it sounded like it was coming out of nowhere but I didn't really have anything to worry about.

It wasn't like she could all of a sudden transform people into animals, she could just control the Mist so that people saw what they wanted to see. And it made sense to me when I thought about it.

The Percabeth moments were also really adorable and Bob was just wonderful. I love how Percy and Annabeth kept each other going and thought of their friends and how they couldn't let them down when they wanted to give up. Yeah, they worried about each other a lot of the time but they didn't forget about their friends either.

I'm just waiting for Percy and Annabeth to get married. Seriously, Percy has basically proposed and Annabeth has basically accepted. I'm just waiting for the actual wedding to happen (and if it doesn't, I'll write or find fanfiction that has it).

There were more monsters involved which was awesome because I got to learn more Greek mythology and it was interesting to see how everyone got out of tight situations.

There were a lot of references to the Percy Jackson series. You could've read the other books in the series without much problem but if you want to read the House of Hades, you got read the Percy Jackson series first otherwise the references will completely confuse you.

So basically, I loved it, the book was brilliant. I am extremely biased and this review no doubt has plenty of spelling mistakes but I'm too tired to care. Enjoy!

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