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I have a book hoarding problem, they're pretty much taking over my entire house. Sometimes, when I'm not drowning in uni work I manage to actually read them. And when I do finish them, I usually have some pretty strong feelings related to them and y'all are gonna hear about it.


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The Collector

The Collector - Victoria Scott

I hadn't really planned on reading this but I kept hearing that it was really good so I thought, meh, why not?

I gave this four stars because I loved it but not enough to give it five stars. It wasn't one of those books where it left me feeling something like "WOAH!" but it was pretty good.

I loved Dante, he was just so funny and honest . . . inside his head. He wasn't really all that honest around Charlie but hey, he told her everything in the end I guess.

I loved Charlie, I don't know how you could't love Charlie. She was so sweet, innocent and kind. It seemed like it was almost impossible of her to be mean to people no matter how horrible they were to her. It broke my heart how everyone picked on her.

Her friends were definitely amusing, I especially loved Annabelle, partly because she's awesome anyway and partly because she wasn't as intense as Blue. She was protective but she just didn't have this really big of vibe of NO coming off of her when it came to Dante like Blue did.

I loved this part between Annabelle, Blue and Dante, it just cracked me up,

“In this trunk," she says with a serious face, "is God's gift to women."
"What? No."
"Stop guessing," she says.”

The award for creeping me out the most though goes to Rector. Like Holy, he is one creepy ass villain. Every time he was in a scene I just got really tense and a little uncomfortable. I was just like "Okay, you need to stop and go away."

Someone just needs to make Rector go back to hell and make him stay there. No one wants you Rector, go home, just go home.

There was also a bunch of ways that Dante could've sealed Charlie's soul without using the contract. Like when he got her to ditch school and go to Vegas without permission. 

The relationship between Dante and Charlie was really cute as well. I loved seeing how he thought of her from the beginning to the end of the book. At first he didn't really want to be near Charlie because of how she looked but then as the story went on he realised just how great Charlie really was. It made me so happy when Dante started missing the old Charlie that wasn't anywhere near perfect physically.

The whole I love you bit was a little too soon but I can't exactly claim that Dante and Charlie know absolutely nothing about each other. The amount of time that they spent around each other was a lot and Dante found out a lot about Charlie during that time.

The only thing that raised my alarm flags was this part, one page from the end,


If I could, I'd pull her inside of me, where I could keep her safe forever.

How about no. 

As sweet as it is that Dante wants to keep Charlie safe, how about he does that without sucking her into his own body. That's just really creepy and a big fat no in my books.

But other than that, I really liked the book.

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