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The Liberator

The Liberator - Victoria Scott

I liked The Liberator, perhaps not as much as I liked the Collector but I do like the Liberator. It's just that I had a couple of problems while reading this that everyone else probably didn't have.

My biggest problem when it came to characters was really Charlie and Dante, I loved everyone else but those two just frustrated me quite a few times throughout the story.

Dante: Dante just a got really controlling at some points. I get that he was worried about Charlie and that he wanted to keep her safe but telling her that she couldn't go out or see people was just a huge nono for me. I didn't want Charlie to hang out with Easton and Salem either but I wouldn't have just been like, "No, you are forbidden from hanging around them."

What or who on Earth gave Dante the right to order Charlie around like that, or tell her who she can and cannot see because I know for sure that it was most definitely not Big Guy. I did think that it was really cute how constantly worried Dante was about Charlie though and how affectionate he is with her. And I especially loved his relationship with Aspen because it truly was like Dante was the big brother that she never had.

Charlie: I hated how she stopped being Charlie near the beginning and started partying. I understood why it happened and I felt bad for Charlie because she thought that she had to change in order to please Dante but I hated seeing her do things that she wouldn't do.

And then she apologized to Dante because she didn't like being more like him because it just wasn't her. I'm pretty sure I cheered at that point because I was so happy that Charlie realised that if Dante didn't like her the way that she was then he could fuck off because she didn't need him. 

And then every time that he told her that she couldn't do something, she would oh-so-nicely remind Dante that he didn't control her and that she could do whatever the hell she wanted and Dante couldn't stop her.



You go Charlie! She ain't taking none of Dante's shit!

Near the end though I was kind of beginning to question whether Charlie was okay mentally because she was kind of scaring me a little bit to be perfectly honest. But you know, she saved Dante's ass which was just beautiful so I guess being a little bit crazy worked for her.

Aspen: This girl is kickass, that's all that I need to say, she is totally kickass. That being said, Aspen has also gone through a lot in her life and the fact that the only people that she really seemed to care about were Sahara and Lincoln saddened me. Her father had a first class ticket to hell and was a giant douchebag and all Aspen wanted was to protect her little sister and make sure that she was safe.

That being said, this girl is totally kickass (I don't think I've mentioned this enough you know). The amount of times that she saved Dante's ass was awesome because this girl can seriously fight and Dante agrees.

Everyone else: Kraven was bipolar as shit, one second he was calm and the next second he was sacrificing Dante to the sirens just to prove a point. Are you for real right now? Annabelle was just great because this girl stood up to Kraven like "Try me bitch." She wasn't having any of this guy's shit at all and that was just beautiful to read.

You go Annabelle.




Blue was just generally awesome because he was sweet and caring and fierce and just, how can you not love Blue man?

I used to like Romance but now I'm not the biggest fan of it mostly because I have yet to read one book that does not have romance in it or where it isn't very big in the story. 

Everyone in this book was being paired off with someone. I'm all for having someone to love and who loves you back but practically everyone in the Liberator was with someone and it didn't sit right with me. You can be happy and okay being single, you don't really need to have a boyfirned in order to survive.

It didn't really bother me until I realised that Kraven has a bit of a thing for Annabelle. I get that she stood up to him and everything and that she doesn't take any of his shit but I would've expected Kraven to respect Annabelle a lot more than develop a crush on her.

But you know, I'm weird like that.

Everything else
The entire time that I was reading this, I was preparing myself for some awesomesauce soul-stealing and don't get me wrong, I did get that. The description of hell was awesome because it was interesting to read about what it might look like (it certainly sounds terrifying enough). It was really creative and probably one of my favourite parts of the book.

Dante sprouted wings which was pretty badass of him to do. I want to see how he fights with them in the Warrior because you just know that he's going to kick ass with it.

When Dante realised that he'd stolen back his own soul and not Charlie's, I laughed. Despite the fact that he'd left Aspen behind for absolutely no reason, I laughed.

Mostly because I pictured this in my head when I realised that Dante had messed up:


I don't know why but it's just that all of these characters had gone through so much and in the end, they ended up getting back the wrong fricking soul and it just seemed really funny to me.

Dante, sweetie:



This entire story was just the girl's saving the asses of all of the guys and just being generally awesome people. The guy's were awesome as well, doing their fighting and protecting and stuff. And now to wait for the Warrior!

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