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Allegiant  - Veronica Roth, Emma Galvin, Aaron Stanford

To put it plain and simple, this book was a mess. It was just a mess. Veronica Roth has spent two books setting everyone up with the struggle between the faction and the factionless and the Divergent and then she just completely ignores all of that and brings in the genetically pure and genetically damaged.


The entire time that I was reading I was expecting there to be a way to solve the problem between the faction and the factionless but instead I'm reading about a revolution going on with genetically damaged and the genetically pure.





Tris: Tris is annoying as fuck, she always has been and I don't think I've ever been more happy to see a main character die before in my life. She was so annoying (I think I mentioned this but who cares) and stupid and just a total, giant Mary-Sue. I don't think this ever occurred to her (actually, I think it did but she just totally disregarded it) but she does not always have to sacrifice herself. She does not always have to be the one to endure pain because it will supposedly change the outcome of anything.


And then there's whole Mary-Sue business. Not only is Tris Divergent but she is apparently the only Divergent who can resist truth serum and just about any other serum that is created because why the fuck not, right? Like come on, death serum, seriously? Death serum? That shit sink through your skin and into your body and Tris is not affected by death serum. She's not Superman. I am just so done with Tris, goodbye.


Tobias: I don't know where Tobias is but he clearly is not in this book because the man that I read as Tobias sure as hell didn't act like it. Tobias is supposed to be intelligent and he's not supposed to make stupid decisions and most importantly, he is not a child. Instead, what I got was someone who made rash, stupid decisions, almost got his friends killed and was jealous.


Please explain to me what part of Nita's plan sounded like a good idea to him? He had barely any knowledge of what was going to happen and clearly she was lying because I mean, come on, she saw the chance to recruit someone to her cause and she took it. Tobias, you are a dumbass. Oh, and I had to read about him bitching about how his genes were damaged. Like, cry later, there are much bigger problems here than the fact that your genes are fucked up.




I'll get to the gene stupidity later.


Everyone else: I don't even care about everyone else, I just found them really irrelevant and I couldn't even remember who half of them were or why I was supposed to care and find them of importance.



The romance really pissed me off because when Tris and Tobias weren't fighting, they were being sickeningly cute and gooey. I seriously did not care about whether the two of them were together or not, it would've made no difference to me. I was surprised that Tris didn't break up with Tobias once he tried to get her killed by accident. I don't care if it was by accident, she did give him a warning and he didn't listen so he might as well have hurt Tris on purpose.


Maybe I'm just crazy but I thought that was grounds for breaking up, however, in Allegiant, that seemed to be up for discussion.


There are a lot of talks going on between Tris and Tobias about how they treat each other which is great and all because it needed to happen. You know what would've made it greater? If all of those discussions had led to there being an actual change in how the two of them treated each other, which there wasn't.


The plot go lost somewhere near the beginning of the book. I wasn't even sure what the actual problems were by the end of it because they were literally just everywhere. Instead of focusing on fixing the problem between the faction and the factionless, we're focusing on the genetically damaged and genetically pure.


It's like we just completely forget about the problem going on in Chicago during this and we don't even deal with it. And then at the very end, Tris comes up with a solution that's not really a solution and a pretty shit idea.


Her brilliant idea is to take away the memory of everyone at the Bureau because they're going to be taking away the memory of everyone that they know and love. I'm sorry, what? What kind of justice is this! Sheesh, if the world functioned like this can you guys imagine how fucked up we would be?


Meanwhile, Tris and Tobias are getting jealous of the other person. Tobias is jealous because Tris talks to an attractive guy named Matthew while Tris wants to rip out Nita's throat because she's attractive, intelligent and is talking to Tobias.


Why don't y'all save your petty ass dating problems until after everything is solved. It isn't going to do you any good to be jealous over something completely irrelevant and stupid if you end up dead. And if you think that the jealousy was cute, you're wrong. Jealousy is not cute, it means that your spouse or partner does not trust you to stay loyal to them.


That shit ain't cute.


And then there was the problem with the genetics. If the government had the technology to mess with everyone's genes in the first place, shouldn't they also have the knowledge and technology to fix them again? If you're going to do an experiment like this, I sincerely hope that you don't go into it without something that can undo whatever you do if it goes wrong.


And the switching POVs pissed me off as well. I'm not entirely sure when I lost track of whose POV I was reading from but i'm pretty darned sure it was near the beginning. You can't tell who is narrating, which makes it a problem when you think it's Tris and she's talking about Marcus and calling him her father.


Guess how many times I made that mistake. Have fun guessing whether it's Tris or Tobias that the story is being told from.

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