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Insurgent (Divergent Series #2) -

I probably should've written this before I wrote the one for Allegiant but I'm writing this now because I had to go back and re-read Insurgent because I couldn't remember who half of the damn characters were. And it's not like Veronica Roth bothered to recap what happened in the previous book and give me some idea of who I was dealing with, no I had to figure out who Peter and Zeke were and why I was supposed to give two shits about them.

And then she shoved more characters at me and expected me to remember them along with everyone else.

Divergent was better than Insurgent in that there wasn't much romance in it and that all the lovey dovey shit took a back seat and let the plot do the work. Obviously, that was going to be the same thing in Insurgent.



Instead of the plot moving along and keeping the reader interested, I get to hear more about Tobias and Tris and their relationship that I seriously couldn't care less about. I'm not even joking when I say that the entire first 300 or so pages focuses mainly on Tris and Tobias and their relationship.

I wanted to see some action, I wanted to see some fighting and some stuff being revealed but . . . I didn't get that all that much until the end.

Tobias changed from how he was in the first book and took the award for douchebag of the year because of his behavior. He brings Tris along with him to help read a situation. Instead of taking her off to the side and asking her what she thought of everything, he took one look at Tris and took her silence as agreement.

He literally tells her that because she was silent and didn't say anything, he assumed that she was in agreement with what his mother, Evelyn, was suggesting and made a deal with her anyway.

I feel the need to remind Tobias that silence does not equal consent or agreement. It really doesn't.

And then there was Shuana who was spouting some random nonsense about the Divergent. She yelled something about how could everyone be sure that Tris was really loyal to them if she had an aptitude for more than one faction. How could everyone be sure that she wasn't really working for the Erudite.

Well, for one thing, everyone was alive and walking around. If Tris really had been working for Erudite, everyone would've been dead by now because she had enough information to pass off to the enemy to get everyone killed. For another, Tris's loyalty has absolutely nothing to do with faction, it has to do with what's right or wrong.

Sure she does point out what faction people belong to a whole lot in the book but she isn't supporting the people that she's with because of their faction, she's supporting them because she truly believes that the loyal Dauntless and the factionless are right in taking down Erudite for what they've done to their city.

As to Tris, I'm confused as to why everyone keeps going to her to read a situation. Clearly, she has gone through traumatic experiences that have left her with nightmares and a fear of guns; her body is continuously being forced to work despite the fact that Tris has been shot multiple times among other things, why on earth would you ask for her to read a situation? It looked like Tris was gong to snap at any second to me, so why did everyone keep asking her to read situations?

And come to think of it, why did they need her anyway? Having an aptitude for Erudite shouldn't have anything to do with a person's ability to make observations and make logical, non-idiotic decisions based on those observations. Is everyone else just really stupid or something? Are they all that incapable of making rational decisions?

Tris isn't more perceptive than other people or good at reading situations, she's just observant and at least knows how to use her brain (everyone else is apparently a dumbass). It's not all that difficult to make a connection between Tobias and his fear landscape, I'm fairly certain that anyone could've made the connection between Tobias's jacked up knuckles and the syringe.

That being said, just because Tris is an observant person doesn't necessarily make her smart. When Jeanine turned on that simulation and demanded that a Divergent be sent to Erudite headquarters, at what point did she ever mention Tris? That's right, she didn't. So why on earth does Tris just immediately assume that it's talking about her, that she has to be the one to give herself up? Did it not occur to her to stay behind with everyone and discuss the situation properly instead of just walking off to be slaughtered.

Congratulations, you've stopped people from getting killed by turning yourself in.

But, you've just handed your enemy exactly what she needs to develop a serum that will destroy everyone, Divergent or not.




I don't know how Tris got an aptitude for Erudite, she's fucking stupid.

I didn't get any action until the very end and then at the point I had just run out of fucks to give about everything going on and I didn't even care what happened to everyone.

You know, I respect Veronica Roth because she wrote this and actually got it published and that's a big deal but this book would've been much if it wasn't 525 pages of almost nothing that I cared about.

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