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Hourglass - Myra McEntire

I got all pumped for this book because the cover looked awesome and TIME TRAVEL. I haven't read a story about time travel in so long! Obviously I was going to get excited.

This wasn't about time travel. It was barely about time travel.

When I started reading I was like https://p.gr-assets.com/540x540/fit/hostedimages/1388699389/7904765.gif


I mean, Emerson could see time ripples and stuff, how is that not cool. I was all excited because she sounded normal and I could probably like her.

But then gorgeous Lily was mentioned and I wasn't entirely sure where this was going. I held it out even after the description of the clothing and to the part where Michael was mentioned (of course he was fucking gorgeous because there is apparently no other alternative in YA novels now).

I stopped giving fucks when Michael was mentioned. I'm not sure what page that was on but I'm fairly certain it was before 50 pages.

I just knew that as soon as gorgeous Michael was mentioned that the novel was going to go downhill. And downhill it went.

I don't really think there was a lot focused on the time ripples and time traveling part to be honest. It was mostly about Emerson and Michael and the ROMANCE THAT WAS NOT THERE AND WAS TOTAL BULLSHIT.

Let's organise everything I didn't like into categories.

Emerson: Let's start with our Bella Swan of the story, shall we? Emerson is perfect, literally perfect. Not only does she have a special ability -traveling back in time- she's also totally unaware of just how fucking gorgeous she is -apparently. Not only that, but she knows self-defense and so of course she can flip over a man that, by the way that she's described him, is the Hulk. She's super athletic because why the fuck not, and of course, she immediately connects with Michael despite the fact that she knows nothing about him.

Love at first sight and all that jazz. Doesn't she sound totally realistic?



And let's not forget her lame attempts at trying to stand up for herself when Michael orders her around.

Michael: Michael is the Edward Cullen of this tale. He orders Emerson around at times and attempts to tell her what to do but of course she tells him where to shove it because she's not an object (that's about the only good thing about this book). He's the hero, the one that everyone loves and of course, he sacrifices himself to save Liam Ballard.

Gag me.

Ava: She's the other woman that no one is supposed to like but you know so very little about her that you don't give one single fuck about what her purpose in the story is. Actually, Ava was so totally useless to the plot that she didn't even need to be mentioned at all. I'm convinced that her main purpose was just to provide a love triangle.

Kaleb: Kaleb is the bad boy that secretly has a soft side to him and likes to drown his sorrow in alcohol. Health lesson 101: ALCOHOL KILLS BRAIN CELLS AND EXCESSIVE AMOUNTS OF IT LEAD TO AN ADDICTION AND POSSIBLY CANCER. I'm not entirely sure how Kaleb is alive at this point. And of course he falls for Emerson as soon as he lays eyes on her because she's attractive as fuck.

What plot are you talking about? Just kidding, there was some plot, barely any but it was there! You just couldn't see it because of the overwhelming amount of shitty romance going on.

There were brief explanations about how the whole time travel thing worked and some talk about files and Jack Landers and stopping him. Then there was talk about saving Liam and going back to before he died and a bunch of other stuff.


As soon as Emerson and Michael meet they immediately connect with each other.



What else is new?

They get to know a couple of things about each other, they spend a lot of time around each other and then decide at some point in the story that they might as well say I love you to each other because this is a YA novel and love is apparently the only thing you can feel for someone.

Forget having a huge crush on them or wanting to be their friend, no we gotta stick to love.

Truthfully, there's no love between them. There's barely any chemistry at all between Michael and Emerson. All it is is just hormones.

And then there's Ava coming on to Michael but I don't care about her at all so I care very little about that part.

The thing that really pissed me off about the romance in this was Kaleb and Emerson. I am not joking or exagerrating when I say that Kaleb wakes up hungover/drunk on a couch, catches sight of Emerson and immediately starts hitting on her. Ten pages later and I'm being served with paragraph after paragraph about how Emerson connected with Kaleb like she she's never connected with anyone before.

Not even joking! Kaleb and Emerson literally know nothing aoout each other and they're claiming extreme attraction for the other person.

The romance was bad, the love triangle/square was even worse.

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