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I have a book hoarding problem, they're pretty much taking over my entire house. Sometimes, when I'm not drowning in uni work I manage to actually read them. And when I do finish them, I usually have some pretty strong feelings related to them and y'all are gonna hear about it.


You may see the occasional gif to give more accurate representation of my thoughts.




Infinityglass - Myra McEntire

I don't know why but for some reason I liked this book the most out of the entire series (which isn't that hard to believe considering the rest of this series).

I actually liked Hallie and I really hadn't expected to. I thought she was just going to be uber annoying and stupid and annoying but she really wasn't. She actually had some personality and could kick ass. I loved how she didn't just immediately swoon as soon as Dune shows up like it happened with the rest of the series, she actually made Dune work for his job (for the most part).

Dune was boring to be honest. He wasn't interesting in the least, he was just a doormat that you could wipe your feet because he didn't do or say anything. He was just kind of there.

There were so many Doctor Who references which I wish there weren't. Like haha, it's a story about time travel, Doctor Who is about time travel do you see the similarities? Actually, no I don't, I actually enjoy Doctor Who.

This entire book was just kind of meh, it wasn't memorable and nothing particularly interesting besides Dune getting together with Hallie happened. It was like going for a nice, very long walk around your neighborhood on a nice summer day. But hey, I guess that's better than the mess that was the previous two books.