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Chosen (House of Night, Book 3) - P. C. Cast;Kristin Cast

I am at a loss as to how anyone could like this series because it is just really that terrible but you know, whatever. 

Before I start, there's one thing that's just been really bothering me about this series but that I keep forgetting to mention, how exactly does the schooling system at the House of Night work? As far as I can tell, they don't have any actual dates that term starts on or something like that. The vampyres just show up and start attending classes. What happens if a fledgling shows up in the middle of the year and they have absolutely no idea what everyone else has been doing for the past year, what do they do?

But moving on.

This book focused more on the fact that Zoey had three boyfriends and she didn't know what to do with them because dumping them was far too easy of a solution, and less on the fact that Neferet was a psychopath who was reanimating the dead.

So basically, it's been exactly like the last three books.

Zoey complains about the most irrelevant things ever. It wouldn't be such a huge problem with me if it weren't for the fact that these problems drag out for like ten chapters before any of the characters reach a reasonable solution that anyone with half a brain had already figured out.

For example, Zoey's birthday is on December 24th and every year people try to combine it with Christmas which is apparently a really big deal for her. She hates that people do that but she does absolutely nothing to express her feelings about this situation and change it. Everyone else, not knowing any better, gets her cute, but useless, presents that she can only use during the winter holidays. They're the unfortunate souls who took time, effort and money to buy her presents.

And of course, because this is Zoey, she's blaming everyone else for getting her really bad presents when really, it's her fault because she never told anyone that she hates the fact that everyone always tries to combine her birthday with Christmas.

But that aside, I think the fact that Zoey's birthday just so happens to be on December 24th is the Casts way of saying that the world is blessed to have Zoey and that she's the equivalent of Jesus.

Zoey gets herself into an even bigger pickle when she decides that she wants to be with Loren Blake as well as Erik and Heath. I'd be fine with that if it weren't for the fact that Zoey decides not to dump Erik and Heath. Clearly Zoey has shit for brains so I wouldn't expect anything less than for her to completely disregard a law that states that a minor cannot be in a relationship with a legal adult or that teacher-student relationships are banned/forbidden. She could at least have the decency to be honest with Erik and Heath about the fact that she's attracted to Loren Blake and that she's thinking about getting with him. She could've at least kept from hurting these people.

But like I said, Zoey has shit for brains and she needs to have three boyfriends for some apparent reason.

Stevie Rae comes back into the story and Zoey tries to reason with her. Stevie Rae keeps insisting that she's a monster and that she's better off alone but Zoey doesn't want to hear it. She tries to help out Stevie Rae and suggests that Stevie Rae come back to the House of Night so that she can get some blood and have a shower.

Stevie Rae not being as fucking stupid as Zoey is, thank God for that, declines the offer by pointing out that being in a building full with so many people would be a really bad idea.

I can see why because she's a blood sucking monster and everyone at the House of Night has blood circulating throughout their body. Zoey, however, does not.

The relationship between Zoey and Erik really starts to go downhill. Everyone who has read the book of course knows that it's Zoey's fault. And as we also know, she also tries to blame everything on Erik and the fact that he's trying to pressure her into having sex with him.




I'm sorry, what? Erik has barely been in this series enough for him to even properly date Zoey let alone pressure her into having sex with him. This is the point where you know that Zoey is just pulling excuses out of her ass at this point. She's ran out of so many excuses at this point that now she's just making up everything so that she doesn't have to apologise and admit that she's in the wrong.


Zoey sleeps with Loren but of course we all knew that was going to happen from the very first book so it's really not that much of a surprise. Erik walks in on Zoey and Loren going at it and leaves outraged. Personally, I'd be more focused on trying not to throw up if I walked in on the scene that Erik did and then get angry.

Zoey then goes on the hunt to find Erik and explain to him that she hadn't meant for him to find out the way that he had.



I don't know about anyone else but that's the least helpful thing that Zoey could've possibly said. It implies that she had planned on keeping her relationship with Loren secret from him for even longer and that she in no way regrets what she did.

She tells Erik that she and Loren are in love with each other and Erik points out that Loren most definitely isn't. I have never liked Erik more than I have at this moment in the book because he just completely shuts down Zoey and points out exactly how horrible she really is.

Of course, as far as everyone else is concerned, Zoey is not in the wrong here and actually stands up for her.

As it turns out, Loren really is not in love with her at all and has instead been shagging Neferet the entire time and was just using Zoey. That was such a beautiful scene to witness.


In the end, Stevie Rae gets turned back to normal and Aphrodite's mark disappears so the consensus is that she's probably human.

Of course, gay stereotypes are forced on to the readers, and so are black thugs, and there's of course the insults to religion because the Casts seem to have a big problem with religion here.

This book is just full of life lessons.

The writing was horrible as ever, the characters all sucked except for Erik and Aphrodite and once again, Loren died, and there was basically no plot going on at all.

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