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I read a lot, like most people that must be on this site, and much by accident, this blog came to life and now here I am, creating this blog. I'm also on a bunch of other sites as well so you can find me on them by clicking the links.


I like to use gifs a lot because they represent my feelings towards books a lot. I've read through a lot of reviews and as a result, I view books a little bit differently than how I used to. 


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Reading progress update: I've read 90 out of 583 pages.

Beautiful Creatures - Margaret Stohl, Kami Garcia

Wow, since page 47, Ethan has broken into Lena's house, but it's okay guys because he was worried about her. 


Yeah, in real life, it doesn't matter how worried you are, unless the person is physically hurt or in danger, then you stay out of their homes until they give you permission.


Ethan tells Lena that he has books under his bed, she tells him that she reads poetry and Amma blows her top.

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