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I have a book hoarding problem, they're pretty much taking over my entire house. Sometimes, when I'm not drowning in uni work I manage to actually read them. And when I do finish them, I usually have some pretty strong feelings related to them and y'all are gonna hear about it.


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Ignite Me

Ignite Me - Tahereh Mafi

Honestly, the only reason that this book has four stars is because Juliette finally stopped being afraid of herself and just letting people walk all over her. And that was great, it really was. Her whining went on for two god damn books, it was about time that she finally stood up for herself.

Juliette -I actually enjoyed Juliette this time around. She wasn't annoying and she wasn't crying and sniffling and talking about her stupid feelings. She was actually doing something about her situation and trying to save her own life and making an effort to make a difference. She wasn't afraid to stand up to Adam and she pushed herself to learn how to fight and defend herself.

Juliette was actually pretty kick ass, I was so happy to see her come out of her shell. The other great thing was that she finally came to the realization that she was not actually in love with Adam like she had thought, it had just been lust since he was the only one that had shown her kindness in a really long time.

But then she admitted that she loved Warner so I guess not much has changed.

Juliette finally comes to the realization that she could've broken out of that prison that she'd been living in in book one a very long time ago if only she hadn't been afraid of who she was and what she was capable of. Warner starts dropping bombs and shows that he's really not a bad guy.

It was nice watching Juliette learn to control her own power and become stronger.

Warner -Daaaaaamn, talk about a good character. This guy went from being this horrible villain to someone that was admittedly very apathetic a lot of the time, but he was a good person. Everything that we learned about Warner in the other two books was completely false, which is understandable considering that we only ever saw things from Juliette's point of view.

One of the great things about Warner was the way that he treated Juliette. The man was practically salivating at the mouth whenever she was around but he treated her with respect and that was really great to see. He didn't push her or pressure her into doing things that she didn't want to do or going farther than she felt comfortable with, he didn't insult her or use her feelings against her. Warner was actually really understanding and kind, a lot more than Adam was, I can say that with confidence.

The other great thing about Warner was that even though he was in love with Juliette and would do anything for her, he recognized that it wasn't healthy for him to get into a relationship with her that went beyond friendship because he knew that it would seriously hurt him. I don't see that a lot in YA novels.

Adam -Adam was a giant douchebag, no one needs Adam, Adam can just go away and eat some gelatin. Honestly, the amount of abuse that he kept hurling at Juliette was appalling. For someone who claimed that he really cared about her, he sure had a stupid way of showing it.

He really doesn't take rejection very well. And then he was being rude to Warner while taking refuge in his god damn home, like, I know you hate the guy but ungrateful much.

Kenji -Kenji was awesome, he was so funny and he kept the banter going and kept everyone at ease. He provided the entertainment that everyone needed in order to not become too serious.

The lack of metaphors in this was a blessing. I thought it was going to be page upon page of metaphors and Juliette's alarming medical problems but it really wasn't. Everything was cut down to a few pages in the book and that was it.

I was disappointed with the ending. There was all of this build up to this absolutely huge fight that was going to happen . . . and then it just really didn't. I thought Juliette was going to kick some serious ass or something what with all of her training but instead it was just her running through walls, doors, and jumping through ceilings. It felt really anticlimactic.

And then when Juliette gets back to Sector 45 or whatever, she talks about all of the dead bodies and the blood and how relieved she was that everyone was safe, it had absolutely no impact on me. It didn't cause any kind of feeling in me to rise up because everything was just so short and I felt disconnected from the story. I felt like it was just 30 or so pages of nothing. I mean, come on, the Battle of Hogwarts was only one day long and it was like 300 pages long (I could be exaggerating but I think that's how long it was).

And the fights with Adam were just really repetitive. It was the same argument over and over and over again. The story could've been a hell of a lot shorter if she'd cut the shouting matches with Adam to just two of them. Juliette got tired of it and I got tired of it. I got the hint the first time, Adam is a huge douche who feels like he's been betrayed (which is understandable) but I mean, I got the idea. Five more arguments aren't going to ingrain that into me anymore than the first time.

But, you know, in general, I enjoyed the story.