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I have a book hoarding problem, they're pretty much taking over my entire house. Sometimes, when I'm not drowning in uni work I manage to actually read them. And when I do finish them, I usually have some pretty strong feelings related to them and y'all are gonna hear about it.


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The One

The One - Kiera Cass

This isn't a bad series, the writing didn't bother me or anything, the idea and America is what I had a problem with. At the beginning of the series the Selection was fine, it was fun and I had a relatively good time reading the book.

But now that I've gotten to the end of the book, it has occurred to me that the Selection is a really stupid way to pick a bride for the future king of a country. Like why does he even need a bride, why is there some kind of rule that states that he has to get married? Yes, in this case it did benefit him because America opened his eyes to the fact that everything was not just fucking dandy in the rest of the country.

Either marry your prince off to another royal person like they used to or let him pick his own spouse and the King can do a background check on her to make sure that she's not a criminal. OR JUST LEAVE THEM SINGLE.

The Queen is perfectly fine running the country by herself so why can't Maxon run Illea by himself?

Honestly, I would've much rather read a trilogy about Maxon becoming king of Illea and dealing with the problem of the rebels on his own with a handful of advisers than about a Selection where girls dress up and try to win the affection of Maxon. America could've been a girl that he caught trying to steal food from his kitchens and he ends up learning something from her and then . . . okay, I'll stop now.

My biggest problem however was America. Her insecurities were just so ridiculous sometimes that it just got on my nerves. She actually wasted time thinking about some random French girl by the name of Daphne that was of no importance before this book. Like she actually spent time thinking and worrying about this when Maxon had not given her any indication that he was even interested in this Daphne chick or that she was even relevant to the story.

Then she refuses to admit to Maxon that she's in love with him because she's not sure that he feels the same way about her when up until this point that is literally all that he has been showing her and trying to tell her but she wouldn't accept it.

Sweetie, if Maxon didn't love you, you wouldn't be in the top four.

Another thing that I had a problem with was the fact that there wasn't enough focus on the rebels. They keep attacking the palace and then the castes yet there was almost no talk of actually hunting down these rebels and putting a stop to them.

You have these criminals targeting your people and yet the only thing that the king can think of doing is getting America to feed the population some bullshit about how they should be happy in their castes when that's what's causing the problem in the first place. There's not even a message of keep yourself safe, or tips on how to defend yourself in case you're attacked, it's just be happy with your shitty life bitch.

You'd think there would be some kind of thought being put into eliminating the problem but apparently not. If the king was running out of guards to protect the palace and running out of people to have in his army, he had an entire caste of people that would've loved to be given a job, food, water, and money. He could have trained anyone that was an 8 but the king was too fucking stupid to think of that.

And then the rebel problem wasn't even solved, a bunch of people died (no spoilers as to who) and America got married and that was it. There was no talk of what happened to the rest of the rebels or how the problem was fixed, it was just dropped and that was it.

I'm just disappointed.

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