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I have a book hoarding problem, they're pretty much taking over my entire house. Sometimes, when I'm not drowning in uni work I manage to actually read them. And when I do finish them, I usually have some pretty strong feelings related to them and y'all are gonna hear about it.


You may see the occasional gif to give more accurate representation of my thoughts.



Reading progress update: I've read 464 out of 772 pages.

The Goldfinch - Donna Tartt

Oh great, Theo has turned into the modern friendzone asshole. For some weird reason he thinks Pippa should be with him. Of course Pippa doesn't want to be with him, he's a piece of trash, no one wants to be in a relationship with Theo, he is the most unappealing partner for a relationship ever.

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The Hundred-Foot Journey
Richard C. Morais
The Scorpio Races
Maggie Stiefvater
The Last of August (Charlotte Holmes Novel)
Brittany Cavallaro
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Just Dreaming
Kerstin Gier
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