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Tokyo Heist

Tokyo Heist - Diana  Renn

You would think that a story about a girl recovering stolen art to give to a gang boss in Japan would be really interesting and exciting. In theory, it would be, but the reality is that this story was very dry and rather uninteresting.

The things that I loved about this story was the fact that this wasn't set in the United States and that there were so many characters that weren't white people. I loved getting submersed in Japanese culture and learning about certain customs and art, it was really great and the most interesting part of the story.

And then there was the fact that the romance was shoved to the side in this story and the author instead focused on the relationship between Reika and Violet, something that's not often seen in young adult fiction these days.

But my love stops there.

I don't know what it was, but the writing style was just very dry and uninteresting to me, even when these big plot twists were being discovered, I wasn't very excited or blown away. I thought Violet was a very boring character, not to mention very slow. Maybe it was just the fact that the story was very predictable but she was really slow to catch on to the obvious and figure everything out.

I generally suck at figuring out mysteries before I get to the end of a book so for me of all people to figure out that Hideki was the guy they were looking for says something about the writing.

And besides, she has had absolutely no previous experience with crime-solving, what on earth gave Violet the idea that she was qualified to even get involved in the investigation? Not to mention the fact that there's really no reason for her to even get involved, Kenji and Mitsue's problem is their problem, not Violet's so why is she sticking her nose in other peoples business?

Sure, there's a reward involved but come on, that's what is motivating you to get yourself wrapped up in something which could get you killed? And besides, I seriously doubt that the FBI of all people would be totally okay with divulging information to a sixteen-year-old girl that mentions manga every five seconds (because heaven forbid we forget that she likes manga).

Maybe this is just me, but I didn't really enjoy reading Tokyo Heist, and that was mostly due to the unbelievable circumstances that the characters found themselves in.

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